About Me.

To be able to design, manufacture and do research from my home office in African bushveld is such a privilege. I like to combine my roles and often use my children and their friends to test out new ideas.

My intellectual interest lies in mastering, and pushing the limits of a particular cutting edge technology and at the same time transcend the object into a work of art. Digital design and manufacturing has broken down the walls that have separated industries, I have been a jeweler, sculptor, educator, consultant, lighting, fashion, furniture, shoe designer and researcher in medical implant design.

When I am hand drawing ideas that has to work within specific technology constraints and also be esthetically pleasing. There is a moment when the ideas click, “this could work”, a little flutter in my heart. Later seeing the idea as I envisioned it is an adrenalin rush.


 Michaella Janse van Vuuren