Rocking Springbuck


I hand raised Una, a springbuck rejected by her mother at birth.  Una never had the opportunity to live out her life roaming freely as part of a big herd in her natural habitat. The Rocking spring buck is dedicated to her and a commentary on wild animals in captivity.

The Rocking Springbuck was digitally designed using 3D CAD software. I love the challenge of creating something that is planned and then designed on computer and seeing if my idea printed out as envisioned. The Rocking Springbuck has rotating gears and they move as the buck rocks.  All the parts of the buck have been placed in the same 3D file so no assembly is required, and the sculpture emerges from the 3D printer with all the moveable parts in place. The design is printed in Polyamide using a 3D printing process called selective laser sintering, this nylon material is well suited to creating movable parts with the texture and look of coral.